playing株)ハンディネットワーク インターナショナル

Handy Network International Co Ltd
The founder, late Mitsuru Haruyama was forced to live in a wheelchair due to Progressive muscular dystrophy. However, he decided to develop products based on his own life, rather than mourning his fate.
These products were invented by the point of wheelchair user’s view.

No pressure cushion. 22,680yen
Cover instead. 3,400yen
From Haruyama Mitsuru's experience, it is so that there is a history that has been released from the pain by reducing the pressure of the buttocks, to the coccyx that you say will lead to severe pain to continue sitting.
Thing is not to be able to consent but seems to have tried all kinds of cushion from all over the world, was born in thought, such as its own obsession is seems no pressure cushion.