The tone color of luck.

The gentle voice. It tone is "ho-ho-".
The tone color of luck, It is by your breath.
In conjunction with my rhythm tone, it is very soothing. paper

Sugihara paper
Japanese paper made by traditional techniques.
The nice point, gentle sense of touch.
The bleeding of the ink when I wrote.
Sugihara paper is a paper that has tradition of 1300 years.
This is important intangible cultural property, it has been designated to traditional crafts in Hyogo Prefecture.
This is made of the Sugihara valley "Sugihara paper Institute". bus

koedo bus
"Kawagoe Station West departure"! !

This is the bus to visit the sights on Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.
On foot in 1 minute to tourist attractions from each bus stop. It is very convenient.
Is a classic bonnet bus is great tailored to Kawagoe rooftops.
When you present the "1 day limit ticket" to the small Edo sponsorship shop, there is a nice service such as discount. In the bus broadcasting supports English and Chinese. Macchiato

Tape cutter in the form of a shuriken
The history of Japan, will everyday use.

It is made in Fukuoka Prefecture. The material suppliers,it timber wholesaler has a history of 100 years.
Frequently touch the stationery. It a wooden, so I can relax. COCO

Fantastic pop-up card by Japanese artists

The nice. A fantastic,and like a dream.
It transmitted to the words or more. I am such a feeling.
By light up, I feel also that it is the optimum interior. JAM  

Nostalgic texture printing technology.

"The retro print?"
A kind of screen printing, we are using the stencil printing.
Random will occur color unevenness of the deviation and ink.
"Hand painted?" This printing technology is a little dowdy impression.
Though, I think it's attractive.

It is the seal. Please pay attention to the "scene to use"!

Humor. It is a personal seal for expressing individuality.
I was tired of the mundane a seal! When such, This is Recommend.
Cute, however, design a miasma of little. It is attractive. 'S

nine-D 'S
The crazy about cute animals!

It is a game that compete for cute animal.
It healed friendly texture is Since it is made of wood.
Game. to see. For adults and children.

Technology transmitted from Edo.

In order to express the flowers and birds and insects,
"Silk" or "crepe", It is cut to 1-3 cm square, Fold it into a triangle by pinching with a tool that has a slender tip.
It was done as handicraft a woman from the Edo period. 0291 factory

0291 factory
"Camera goods as a fashion"

A wide variety of camera strap. They are handmade in Fukuoka Prefecture.
To suit their own preferences, to change. It also is one of the fun with a camera.
Entry to "HANDMADE IN JAPAN Fes 2015" 'S

nine-D 'S
"Bath tsumu" for "Enjoy game in the bath"

Cute the animals, take a good balance, is a game.
I think that it is us the bath time fun time!
How To Play
To center "Tsumutsumu ZONE" , Pile up the animal.
Please dry naturally by hanging a dedicated net after completion. ORDER

Stereotypes & robot dance!

This dance unit is Genki Sudo Produce.
Performance starting from the walking that was slow.
"The side by side" from Japan. Expressed in unique dance is not a "side by side”.
I think that it is very nice.藤村トンボ玉

Fujimura Tonbo-Dama (Fujimura Dragonfly-Balls)
Only existing workshop keeping the original method used before the Edo era (circa.1600s-1860s). Using only charcoaled fire all through the process from producing the coloured glass to the final touch, making balls.
The deep shades produce the glittery shine that has been loved since ancient times.
Most ‘Tonbo-damas’ (Dragonfly-balls) nowadays are made using gas/ heavy duty oil burners or lamps, from ready-made glass.
During the re-production process of the original balls, the borders between the colours appear only when they are made from handmade glass.株)ハンディネットワーク インターナショナル

Handy Network International Co Ltd
The founder, late Mitsuru Haruyama was forced to live in a wheelchair due to Progressive muscular dystrophy. However, he decided to develop products based on his own life, rather than mourning his fate.
These products were invented by the point of wheelchair user’s view.


Hobby colour wire, soft design wire that can form your creativity.
*Easily bend, twist or wind by hand
*Perfect finish with the special cap
*Can connect, put through and decorate with the special joint
*27 colours to choose from
*5 different sizes; diameter 0.92mm, 2.0mm, 3.2mm, 6.0mm and 10.0mm