living Nakagawa Seishichi shop

The manufacturing was based on Japan traditional crafts.

“SANADA-HIMO?” It is a sturdy cord.
Since ancient times, The hanging heavy luggage, and use to paulownia box of tea utensils, use to the band of kimono.
By taking advantage of the feature makes use for the bag.
I think that it is wonderful products that combines practicality.

Nara prefecture of specialty products, and use the "mosquito net fabric."
Excellent water absorption and quick drying, it is very functional.
Because type is abundant, can be used to your liking, I think that it is wonderful.

“Ocha-Gokko” (Imitation of tea ceremony)
You can enjoy the tea ceremony willingly.
“TETSUMUGI-TEORI-ASA” is The hand-woven hemp. Purse with use it.
“Lotus” Textile on the theme of treasure of Shosoin. Designed by Takahashi Hiroko.
Bowl is “HASAMI-YAKI”. It is the pottery of Nagasaki Prefecture Hasami.
I think that it is a very wonderful products that condensed the tradition of Japan.