Soul healing Japanese sound made in Japan Kyoto
Orin , Singin bowl.
The art of "Sahari" which is an alloy of tin, bronze have been imported to Japan from the continent about 1300 years ago.
These articles made using "Sahari" were mostly used as dishes at that time.
※Quoted from the official site. workshop

Furniture using solid wood
Durable because it is polite produced!
We propose the furniture tailored to your room.
Craftsmen will do a presentation. Co.,

Made-to-order kitchen!
Was opened as a woodworking shop in 1964.
Offers a high-quality kitchen by making the best use of its experience and technology. carpentry shop

Lacquerware "WAJIMA-NURI"
Scratch due to be used, is possible to repair.
"WAJIMA-NURI" (Hon-Kataji- technique)
From the foundation making that dress the cloth in natural wood, through the various steps, ultimately cross section will be the nine layers.
"Wajima land of powder" Calcined powder of diatomaceous earth, which is produced from Komine mountain in Wajima city. Use it. Chubei

Sewing kit bringing together the traditional technique of Japan.
Needle made by craftsmen are carefully polished, the thread is easy through, easy sewing.
Yuzen and Nishijin brocade is used for the box of decoration, It is what almost all of the tools were made by artisans.
Placing the traditional techniques of Japan in your at hand., Ltd. Yoshinobu Shibata shop

Lunch box of natural materials, by the plain wood.
Material "Akita Japanese cedar"
Excellent moisture absorption, material smell of good, in the Japanese cedar of bactericidal effect, is perfect for lunch boxes.
We can enjoyment for the lunch time by it lunch box.
instagram hiyoko_yaHIYOKO-YA

Born in Kamakura The chick is pottery. Utilizing the "mold of Japanese sweets."
To paper weights and interior.
It is often out of stock because of the popularity. But, you can order Ceramics Co., Ltd.

The tableware by skilled craftsmen of traditional Japanese roof tiles.
Japanese roof tile has excellent water absorption.
Manufacturing that takes advantage of its characteristics.
I think that there is a profound feeling in the traditional pattern. MANGESTU

Tradition and Innovation
Sublimating as contemporary art of traditional pottery of brightly colored.
And, traditional Kutani is a great artistic works.

Modern Japanese dishes.
Cute and conveniently.
To provide what can be used every day.

By the effect of the natural radium ore that is included in the clay of Shigaraki, the same effect as liquor was aged for many years is to mellow is, it can be obtained overnight.
Use of natural cork is to cap. Takada store

Kozo Takada store
To cherish to those friendly to the people and nature, because it is everyday necessities.
Is made of a handwork of craftsman, the touch is good TAWASHI. TAWASHI Nishio Shoten co., Ltd.

Born in Tokyo in 100 years ago.
Made at the same shape and the material, great products that continue to be inherited. Patissier

The tailoring towel of nice sweets.
Small gift using the high quality "Imabari Towel".

Will deliver a candles of nature and people-friendly.
Soy candles
It does not pollute the environment because the soot does not come out.
Beeswax candles
You can expect the effect of purifying the air. company Kawaguchi planning

Products incorporated into everyday life the traditional techniques that craftsmen have. TAMAMI

Colorful sumo wrestler chopstick rest
It is represented by a chopstick rest the national sport "sumo" in Japan. Modeling ass is characteristic. I think that it can feel familiar the national sport of Japan., Inc.

Medical equipment manufacturer manufacturing.
Ultimate ear pick that can be cleaned while watching in his ear on a PC screen. DESIGN WORKS

Kayari device:Mosquito removal device
We will introduce the "functional" and combine the "aesthetic", "Kayari device".
Is an iron casting of Mie Prefecture Kuwana It is used made the "Kuwana casting".
Kuwana, Kuwana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been planning and sales team by Mie Prefecture casting industrial cooperative.
The Japanese traditional pattern making in the casting, also has enough presence as the interior.

By evaporation heat, it creates cooler wind by sprinkling cold water to "a water round fan", and fanning it.
Seeing from the point where material "is paper", how to use is very novel.
I finish a traditional product in the design which is good in the present age and seem to make various products carefully.
"The water round fan" made by the Mino Japanese paper which is a folkcraft of Mino-shi, Gifu seems to be made from old times. vidro

Vivid color is the beautiful glassware.
It is made by the traditional crafts of Japan, which is inherited from the Edo era called "Japan blow".
Protect the vision of technique (dual wield), and can only do it is Soejima glass.
It is specified in the Saga Important Intangible Cultural Property. corporation. “Shuhei-Gumi”

Craftsmen of world-class.
“SAKAN-GINOUSHI” Professional of plaster.
1962 Takayama, Gifu Prefecture born.
Creative activity that is not limited to the plasterer technology. His work is wide range.
Beginning from the wall painting of individual houses, modern buildings. Traditional storehouse of Japan and, tea house of Japan.
Has announced the space and works, using only those that give back in nature.

You might make a gallery with a towel.
Water absorption good, high-quality "Imabari towel".
Very rich colors and patterns is. So I think can enjoy the day-to-day.
The dough is thin. Well it would wet, So washing frequency are many.
But, you can use clean. you

“Mino Japanese paper”, 1300 years.
"To engage in a Japanese paper, polite life" to the concept, Mino Japanese paper has also been select.
Variety sense of Japanese paper. It is not boring people. As liked that way.
By the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and it has been designated as "traditional crafts". Inc.

Pottery made with "Nagasaki Prefecture Hasami-cho and Saga Prefecture Arita-cho"
Is plain bread placed on the plain bread!

"Plain bread dish" is produced by a couple of Fukuoka prefecture.
Humor and catchy. Dish of such pottery is cute.
Feeling, as a meal in a picture book. Nakagawa Seishichi shop

The manufacturing was based on Japan traditional crafts.

Is plain bread placed on the plain bread!

"Plain bread dish" is produced by a couple of Fukuoka prefecture.
Humor and catchy. Dish of such pottery is cute.
Feeling, as a meal in a picture book.

Strange, and fascinating art.

The artist's goal seems "ultimate The Arts in Education".
It is a fantastic and beautiful, but you fall into somewhere strange and the strange feeling.
If you have put as the interior, I think that it is spent unrealistic time.

Nature, it is attractive.

“The kurokawa” is Black leather.
“The black leather?”
Oxide film covering the surface of the iron.
The company's concept is that the use of "texture of iron".
Handmade. So you can minimize scratches and leaving the texture of mill scale and commercialization.

The lodging in the temple.

What to choice of when you will be staying in Japan?
The lodging in the temple.
Those that can not be felt at the hotel. I think I can feel it.
I think there are things people can vary. CORPORATION

New concept pen disappear at 60 degrees or more heat.
It will disappear because its own [Frixion ink].
It is possible to erase the character that was written by a dedicated rubber.
People who changes schedule frequently. Whimsical person.
Diary and calendar. The best pen in such a scene.

"Brand, Imabari"

Imabari is the origin of Japan's leading towel.
Ehime Prefecture in Imabari, "Imabari Towel".
Than typical towel, feels comfortable, it will feel soft.
Brand has been established called "Imabari".

"makeup brushes" from EDO era.

Makeup brushes that make traditional crafts mechanic.
Usual makeup time. The more glamorous and becomes elegant mood.

Write. Fold. lay out.

In conventional use, it writes. But, it lay out.Such as,
Water absorption, good. Therefore taking advantage of the characteristics of the Japanese paper,
To use as a luncheon mat, it has been proposed, such as.
In any location. On the floor or the ground. You can touch the tatami. Such as the bathroom. Slippery place. Bed for pets. It is the best. You can easily feel at home the Japanese atmosphere. Ishitani furniture

Ishitani furniture
"Furniture of the half-timbered"

Advanced technology is required for "half-timbered".
And end material also can be effectively utilized, it has been produced the goods.
Basically, furniture is orders production.
Polite technology of Japan is alive, I feel that.

Strange, and fascinating art.
The artist's goal seems "ultimate The Arts in Education".
It is a fantastic and beautiful, but you fall into somewhere strange and the strange feeling.
If you have put as the interior, I think that it is spent unrealistic time.有)近江蚊帳

Ohmi Kaya Ltd (Ohmi Mosquito Net Ltd)
What if you can enjoy one of the traditional Japanese Summer scenes.
Ohmi (Shiga pref.) is famous for woven materials for years, with the benefit from Biwa Lake.
The material is called ‘Ohmi Jofu’ and it’s been developed as the ‘linen mosquito nets of Ohmi’.
The company has 130 years of history, producing high quality mosquito nets during that time.
Enjoy the experience with these outstanding products.株)太一郎窯

Taichiro Gama Co Ltd (Taichiro Kiln Co Ltd)
Taichiro Kiln produced Imari wear inherited the ‘Ai-Nabeshima yaki’ tradition.
Their aim is to pass this tradition to the next generations as well as keeping the traditional technique to pursuit of modern style and beauty. (有)冨岡商店

Tomioka Shoten Ltd (Tomioka Shop Ltd)
Cherry bark fretwork x Modern design
Kakunodate City, Akita is often symbolized as ‘Small Kyoto in Eastern Japan’ for those beautiful samurai houses and the cherry tree streets. The cherry bark fretwork (Cherry Tree skin) is the traditional craftwork in this area since the Edo era (circa, 1600’s-1860’s). This is a unique original craft to Japan, using bark of cherry trees, the Japanese national tree, and only ‘Mountain Cherry’ bark is used. Many household items have been produced with the benefit of its main features ; deep shades, gloss, smoothness, strength, moisture-proof and anti-dry.よしぶきギャラリー愉楽

Yoshibuki Gallery Yuraku
Kairagi is produced by combination of earth, glaze and fire. It depends on nature’s whim. The glaze painted on the items is frizzled into small granules under high temperature then the unique patterns appear. Kairagi by Masato Iwasaki is distinctive among others in the last several hundred years of history. One was named ‘Ryusou (dragon claws) kairagi’ as it looked like being scratched by dragon claws. There is a small but beautiful world upon the items with dark brown tracks of dragon claws on the calm, milky and smooth skin. That is the world only Iwasaki can produce.猿江ガラス

Sarue Glass
Creating the Sarue Glass original products, taking special orders for flower vases, offering made to order bowls and other glass containers as well as producing the artworks for the glass designer, Machiko Koshinaka.
They offer the glass part of chandelier or original lighting. The order will be accepted from 1 piece.
Also repair for damaged lights, reproduction, replica making are among their service.
Only special orders are undertaken.大阪錫器(株)

Osaka Suzuki Co Ltd (Osaka Tin Co Ltd)
Tin production in Osaka started in 1679. Immediately warming up or cooling down, both can be done by heat transfer.
The heat transfer speed on tin is 1.8 times / 50 times faster than the china ware’s. Beer can be tastier when its surface is covered by tiny bubbles. The dimples inside tumblers produce tiny bubbles that become even tinier by pouring more beer.照明作家 谷俊幸

Lighting Artist, Toshiyuki Tani
Bringing back the 1950s to life, we call it ‘Mid Century Taste’. Tani creates outstanding work using traditional Japanese technique.
His concept is ‘Playing Light’.
By knowing the shadow existence, produce the light. Obtained the midnight hours through the advantage of using fire. Spending the limited time between shadow and light.
Some of his works inspire flowers-like lighting. Tani creates a new style of interior you can feel with your mind and sense.南部箒

Nanbu Hoki (Nanbu Broom)
The ingredients are all free from pesticide for health and safety as well as environmentally friendly.
The frizzy tips can easily collect the dirt. The best broom ever. The ‘frizzed’ tips are the biggest feature of Nanbu Hoki (Nanbu Broom). The frizz cleans tatami carpet, wooden floor and pick up fluff balls, hair, pet hair and even cigarettes ashes, stuck on the carpet.平井木工挽物所

Hirai Mokkou Hikimonojo (Hirai Plane Grinding Centre)
With selected rare precious wood, Hirai’s technique in hand-plane is above miracle. He creates smooth surface on logs leaving the individual pristine patterns. He can plane only 4-5 logs a day. You can feel the warmth of wood from these hand-planed products.