Chikumeido Saten Co Ltd (Chikumeido Tea Shop Co Ltd)
Chikumeido in Shizuoka was established in 1781 and it’s been going as a tea specialist for 230 years, over 9 generations. Each generation has carried on their motto as ‘Along with Shizuoka tea’.
They aim to retain the trust by the customers, as a tea specialist in Shizuoka.

Refined green tea 「Gyokuro」
  • 01:AoiHomare
  • 02:Tenroku
  • 03:St. dew
  • 04:Fuji
  • 100g bag 2,160yen Good value for Gyokuro
  • 100g bag 3,240yen Popular Gyokuro taste of balance and quality, price was the best match
  • 100g bag 5,400yen Carefully and nurtured are luxury Gyokuro
  • 100g bag 8,640yen Finest quality Gyokuro also renowned Okabe in Gyokuro
Senior Sencha 「Warakake」
  • 05:Tenmei
  • 06:KaoruSenri
  • 07:Midori-o
  • 08:Tikumei
  • 100g bag 1,620yen Good value for Warakake
  • 100g bag 2,160yen Blockbuster product quality and price was the best match
  • 100g bag 2,700yen It is multiplied by popular straw as gifts
  • 100g bag 3,240yen Most exclusive Warakake

Green tea
100g bag 1,080yen It is a blend centered on the mountains of tea in Shizuoka Prefecture.
10:Deep steamed Yabukita
100g bag 1,080yen Tea plains of Shizuoka Prefecture, with a focus, it is a blend.
11:Tea valley
100g bag 864yen It is a blend of the mountainous areas of the tea of Shizuoka Prefecture.
12:Kawane tea
100g bag 1,080yen Oi is the tea produced in the basin on.
13:Kakegawa tea
100g bag 1,080yen It is a locality-Kakegawa tea deep steamed tea.
14:Economical Sencha
400g bag 1,296yen Is the value pack pack.