eating confectionery shop "Amane-ya"

KABURI : 314yen
Auspicious name sweets. "KABURI"

“The not released by grasping.” "KABURITSUKU" in Japanese, there is this sense.
Sweets that many people are accustomed to eat. This is Japanese-made Baumkuchen.
Grasp the opportunity, and it is not released.It is a candy that was filling such meaning.

Brown sugar Karinto. : 98yen
Skilled craftsmen finished "black molasses".
It looks firm. But, That is surprisingly easy to eat and I think was "Karinto".

chestnut pie : 238yen
Pie dough and excellent compatibility! Astringent skin chestnut sweets.

Egg yolk sauce. Astringent skin chestnut. Pie dough.
"The combination of Japanese taste and European taste".
The approachability, I think that it is easy to eat.