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Use the brown sugar from Okinawa, mineral-rich donut!
Natural sweetness characteristic of brown sugar!
Mineral is rich and healthy.
In particular, calcium is included in rich, equivalent to milk 200cc.

Noodles with seaweed
Noodles using the seaweed is healthy!
Noodles made with Awajishima is a traditional method.
Make by hand.
Dietary fiber that is included in the one meal is 3g!
Equivalent to one lettuce. Co., Ltd.

This is a fake.
Food sample of Pioneer was founded in 1932.
Food to not only the faithful sample, for the improvement of technology, unique "works"!
Your cooking, can be ordered! & Co.,Ltd

Oral Care professional manufacturer
Various kinds of oral care products of professional manufacturers.
Please contact us for prices and ordering of goods.


Confectionary boxes of delicate floral features
Sweets shop of Hokkaido long-established.
Sweets with elegance.
To Graceful the break time. confectionery

Handmade vegan Suites
Sweets stuck to the baking time and materials.
Use the granulated sugar in all of the sweets.
Baking time to bring out the Sweet savor of the wheat. pon Ja pon

Modern and beautiful. Traditional Japanese sweets. "OKOSHI"
"OKOSHI" It is said that the earliest sweets in Japan.
Long-established Japanese sweets shop of the Edo era establishment is "OKOSHI" making in the new form.
Their preparation, steamed of rice, and to inflate, caramelized! And topping to finish. KARINTO

It is popular as candy of people from the old days.
To those of the bar, those entwined brown sugar or white sugar is common,
In recent years, material also used is many things, is the eat young generation.
This store, I think the best in Good gift because the good packaging. Brewery

SAKE-KASU [Daiginjo]
As a seasoning. Try using the usual cooking!

It is solids that remains after squeezing the "Japanese rice wine".
A small amount, Think it is good to use in cooking. Because there is a habit.
But, there is a health effect that is better blood circulation warm the body. confectionery shop "Amane-ya"

KABURI : 314yen
Auspicious name sweets. "KABURI"

“The not released by grasping.” "KABURITSUKU" in Japanese, there is this sense.
Sweets that many people are accustomed to eat. This is Japanese-made Baumkuchen.
Grasp the opportunity, and it is not released.It is a candy that was filling such meaning.

Exquisite balance of sweet and salt.

Will cut the sweet potato to the elongated shape. And those that have been fly is "IMO-KENPI".
In general, Will seasoned with molasses.
However, this product has been coated with molasses containing "Kochi Prefecture Muroto deep sea water". Garden

Cheese Garden
It begins from the cheese based on the curiosity and inquiring mind.

Tochigi Prefecture Nasushiobara companies make. The cheese I feel elegance.
Recommended cheeses, "Minori". This is a semi-hard cheese, I was aged 2 months.
The taste, there is not habit. The best way to eat is to eat warm. gelato shop Pasukoro e GELATO FruttaMista

Gelato the mix the Japanese taste!

Gelato that became a staple in Japan.
By using Japanese ingredients, I feel the new tastes are born.
Recommended The "MACCHA", "Soy Milk", "Black sesame" And more...
The rare as taste "Himeji Ginger" TREE

Delicious sweets by long-established fruit wholesaler. 
The roots ”Yamani-Seika” (Fruit shop)
The sticking to of sweets making. It seems to fresh fruit.
The pudding and tart. And dried fruit.
And precisely because you use fresh fruit, I think that it is this taste can enjoy.'s Cookie Stamp

Elan's Cookie Stamp
The cookies making, more fun!
Use the cypress, it is a rolling pin made of laser processing.
Traditional pattern of Japan. Western-style Christmas Pattern.
Rich types, I think that it is possible to decorate cute to cookies.ケンテル

Established in 1967 in Osaka, the famous gourmet city in Japan.
It’s been popular since, for the modest sweetness and it’s careful making method as well as the delicious taste. The fresh cream is the best loved ingredient for their cakes but introducing here are mainly dried confectioneries that are more suitable for export.
The chef was awarded ‘Takamatsunomiya Award’, one of the most reputable awards in the confectionery industry and a medal called ‘Kyokujitsusoukoushou’ (Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun).株)炭化TANKA

Tanka Co Ltd
Vegetables and fruits normally started going rotten from the 4th day but they will stay fresh as double length as 8 days just by placing this Tanka Fresh.
It contains a gel of powdered charcoals (carbonized bamboo in 500-700 ℃ and pulverized finer than 10 microns), Japanese Tea Catechin and Silica. Very safe adsorbent made by only natural ingredients. 
Ethylene gas is substance that causes aging and Acetaldehyde gas is produced by respiration of the plant and causes stench, Tanka Fresh takes these off the vegetables and fruits.株)ルック

Look Co Ltd
Look offers product development, planning, producing OME items and sample making for various items relating pets, sports, beauty, car maintenance, life style, hobbies by working closely with many manufactures including famous sports brands.
This has been produced to maintain body care for athletes.
We introduce a new type of smoothie using ‘Jabara (citrus)’ that is only grown in Kitayama village, Wakayama.株)丸日

Marunichi Co Ltd
100% Organic, the best in the market, strong insect repellent ‘Hitode no Furikake’ (Starfish Sprinkle).
-Without getting your hands dirty, very easy to use, it won’t kill insects, just repel them away-
*Because of the natural ingredients, insects won’t have resistance
*Safe for small children and elderly with low immunity (株)三輪山勝製麺

Miwa Yamakatsu Somen Co Ltd
These somen and udon noodles are made by the traditional handmade method that have been carried on for 400years at the bottom of Miwa Mountain, as a home of somen noodle.

  1. Absolutely delicious
  2. Safe eating
  3. Reasonable price
is their motto株)竹茗堂茶店

Chikumeido Saten Co Ltd (Chikumeido Tea Shop Co Ltd)
Chikumeido in Shizuoka was established in 1781 and it’s been going as a tea specialist for 230 years, over 9 generations. Each generation has carried on their motto as ‘Along with Shizuoka tea’.
They aim to retain the trust by the customers, as a tea specialist in Shizuoka.